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 Integrated Design of Industrial Structures: Buildings, Factories, Storage Facilities.

   The design activities of Tulagiprochem, JSC covers  any kind of industrial structures engineering, revamping, along with designing of storage facilities to ensure the chemical production products holding, and designing of various power, gas and water supply facilities.

  We perform the integrated range of design activities and surveys. This means, inclusive of Design Assignment development together with the Customer to ensure the highest possible and consistent incorporation of the Customer’s requirements, the developed Design Documentation presentation to the State Expertise Authorities and engineering and field supervising in the course of project construction.

   As for the integrated design of industrial buildings and other facilities, we assume the following:

  1. Process engineering , i.e., creation of one facility or set of facilities, fitted with the required equipment to implement any given process technology. If required, if the standard equipment is not available or has the poor performance in some special conditions, we develop the non-standard equipment. In all cases the Automated Process Control system is developed, that allows to use equipment more effective, with total efficiency – to ensure its operational safety and reliability to obtain the high quality products.
  2. Designing of the buildings and structures civil part and engineering utilities.
  3. Engineering-and-economic designing. As all three types of work are performed by one company, it allows to use to maximum effect the buildings and structures area for the process equipment placing, and to consider all civil concepts and process design solutions from the economic point of view.

   Integrated design of chemical plants, industrial buildings, structures, storage facilities as well as competent revamping allows to achieve several goals:

  1. To improve substantially the Design Documentation quality, naturally connecting together all design, process, engineering and civil-and-architectural concepts, provided in the developed industrial facility or set of interconnected facilities.
  2. To release the Customer from searching of skilled persons to design some systems of the facility such as power supply, ventilation and etc. In our case the Customer deals only with us to resolve all issues, and we are the only responsible for everything.
  3. To reduce the design documentation development time as there is no need for the tiresome coordination and mutual approvals between different designers. Certain time saving is attained even with the storage facilities designing, apart from more complicated facilities.
  4. To reduce the cost of documents preparation for development.

   In conclusion it would be nice to say that the Quality Management System ISO 9001 is implemented to ensure even more high quality of the design documentation, issued by us. It means the realization of the system to ensure the following:

  • Strong control       for the works quality and the design documentation development regardless of the facility’s complexity, whether it be the storage facilities designing or entire factory;
  • Innovation in the field of equipment and process technologies, environmental protection, accident prevention and etc.
  • Control for effectivity of the decisions making.

   For the high quality and prompt performance of the above mentioned tasks, our company is equipped with the contemporary telecommunication facilities and computing platform, using the specialized software (revamping). We have our own Design Documentation electronic archive and the Industrial Plant Equipment electronic database that support our staff to find promptly the effective solutions for the tasks assigned. And, by all means, the most important thing: there is the key personnel available – our expert designers, who have a big experience of work and performed the dozens of successful projects, such as the unique technological process development for the carbon white production, HDS Class (silica filler).