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White carbon production

   Up till now the Russian Federation and CIS haven’t got any manufacturers of HDS class silica fillers (white carbon) because they did not develop their own manufacturing process, while foreign companies owning patented processes are not willing to sell them at any cost.

   Our institute experts developed a draft design of amorphous silica (white carbon) production which complies with requirements imposed to HDS class fillers shaped like microgranules.

   Our design is based on technology patented in the Russian Federation under No. 2329950 dtd November 7, 2006.   

   This draft design is oriented towards potential investors in Russia and CIS.

   The information provided by this draft design can be used to execute feasibility study of investment with regard to the actual conditions of construction (greenfield development, revamping).

   The development of this technology focused its attention on saving energy resources and ensuring safety of natural environment.